Wappalyzer: web application analyzer Firefox add-on

Wappalyzer is an add-on for Firefox that shows what software is used on the websites you visit. It analyzes pages for recognizable patterns in the HTML code to determine what CMS, Message Board, Wiki or e-Commerce software is installed.

This data is collected to create some interesting statistics; here you can view a list of all the software that is being tracked and find out which is the most popular. This way you can compare blogging solutions, analytics tools etc. and perhaps decide what to use yourself. This is a small conversation between Elbert (Wappalyzer creator) and me about his application.

Antonio: So Elbert, how about Wappalyzer?

Elbert: I launched Wappalyzer (web application analyzer) at the beginning of this year (1 Januari 2009) and the website is still in beta. I'm open for suggestions, I'm still adding software to the list and making improvements to the site and the add-on. The statistics will be more accurate when more users install the add-on. I started the project after suggesting this idea to Wakoopa, a company that tracks mainly desktop software. They told me they were not planning on implementing it into their tracker.

Wappalyzer is mainly focused on downloadable applications such as Wordpress, but I also added some hosted systems like Blogger so you can compare them. It's currently tracking software in these categories: analytics, blogging, CMS, e-commerce, image gallery, JS framework, message board, widget, wiki.

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