Repeater/Dataset properties in Axure 7

Ian Gardners explain us some questions about Repeter in Axure 7 in Axure´s forums.

I am going to merge this with a similar thread, you should see your questions about "repeater" and its properties answered above.

Item Properties
You image includes Item and its properties as well. This means you are in a Repeater or an Action that acts on a Repeater. Item is the current Item you are working with. So if you do Set Text of Shape to [[Item.Name]] in OnItemLoad of the Repeater each Shape in turn will be set to its corresponding rows "Name" column.

The properties after Item are executed on an item.
index: Gives the corresponding index of the Item in the Repeater (similar to the row, but Sorts, Filters and Pagination matter)
is_: Returns "true" or "false" representing whether the Item is first, marked, visible, etc...
repeater: returns the parent Repeater of this item which can then in turn use the Repeater properties that follow it.

Item vs TargetItem
This was posted elsewhere, but probably fits better here. The distinction between Item and TargetItem.

Item: Used to reference the current Item you are working with. Only available inside a Repeater. This is the most common.

Example: Set Text of Button Shape to [[item.Column1]] of the Data Set.

TargetItem: Used to reference an item that is Marked or in another Repeater.

Example (using Marked Rows and Interaction - Repeaters -> Datasets -> Update Items):
(on a click copy my data to another Marked Item) use Item
(on a click copy another Marked Item's data from one Column to another) - use TargetItem

You can also use TargetItem to reference Items in another Repeater or from outside a Repeater.